Lichen clad trees gnarled into impossible shapes yield to spectacular views across Northumberland National Park at these enchanted woods near Longhorsley.

Walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders are welcome to explore the woods, with their ever-changing colours and vistas.

Planted around the jutting sandstone escarpments of Thrunton Crag to the north and Long Crag and Coe Crag to the south, trails weave and cut through the forests, breaking out into open moorland with spectacular views across the Whittingham Vale and Cheviot Hills.

Explore the evocative site of Castle Hill, a prehistoric fort, before heading on to the hand-hewn cave and one-time solitary retreat of Macartney, a 19th century monk from nearby Callaly.

Mischievous hobgoblins are fabled to dwell here. Take a walk through the stony gully of Hob’s Nick, named after impish hobgoblins.

The woods throng with wildlife species.  Keep a look out for red squirrel, deer and an array of birdlife.

Visit the Forestry Commission for more details on Thrunton Woods walks.

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