The Holy Island

Friday 15/09/2017
The Holy Island

Come to test water taken from the sea

Pilgrims covered great distances like migratory birds


In a landscape of still life cut off after dark

Receding water complicated their options


A narrative of mythical gods


Undeterred like troops rallied by an enemy

They survived the crossing like crossing time


The causeway


A line  

A length

A lifeline never ending


Saved from themselves figures stark and simple

Followed marker poles across the dunes


As if following directions on how to get to Heaven




Written by James Tierney 

Born in Northumberland, James now lives in Italy working at the University of Milan. He still considers Northumberland his true home.


Image: Pilgrim's Way, Gail Johnson 

Places in this article

Outside Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Priory
TD15 2RX

Experience the serenity of Lindisfarne Priory, cut off from the world on the beautiful Holy Island. Take in panoramic views of the Northumbrian coast, unpack a picnic in the priory grounds, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Snowy Castle
Lindisfarne Castle
TD15 2SH

Iconic Tudor Fort converted into an intimate holiday home in 1903 for Edward Hudson by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. With charming Gertrude Jekyll walled garden and stunning coastal views to Bamburgh and the Farne Islands - an unusual holiday home by the sea.

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