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The Museum

This very spacious must see museum stands next to Walltown Crags, one of the highest standing sections of Hadrian’s Wall. Fabulous new exhibitions in three exciting galleries allow you to immerse yourself in the life of the Roman army - there is nothing else like this on Hadrian’s Wall!


The Museum & Collections

When you enter Gallery 1 you walk straight into the role of the army in the Roman Empire. Watch the Empire expand and contract, learn more about the strength and variety of different types of soldier, look at real Roman artefacts from Vindolanda including the only Roman helmet crest ever to be discovered, listen to the recruiting officer and decide whether to join up.

Now take a time line walk into Gallery 2 where the main room is devoted to Hadrian’s Wall with a spectacular image banner of truly monumental proportions. A side room highlights the successful invasion and occupation of Britain by the Romans and leads to the 3D film theatre. The 3D film gives an aerial view of the Wall as it is today then transports you back nearly 2000 years to Roman times for a truly memorable time travel experience.

You now have time to visit Hadrian and find out more about his life from boyhood to Emperor and frontier builder before entering Gallery 3 where the daily life of the multi-cultural army on the Wall awaits

Immerse Yourself!

Our award winning 3D film is your half way stop around the Roman Army Museum. In 20 rich immersive minutes you will soar like an eagle across the majestic Northumberland landscape, over Hadrian’s Wall and through a thousand years of history. See for yourself in incredible 3D detail what life was like on the wall for our ambitious soldier ‘Aquila’, what it took to rise through the ranks and why many didn’t make it! Battle and boredom - an intoxicating mix of emotions for those tasked with defending Hadrian’s honour!

The Might of Rome

A mighty army pounding its way across Europe, a relentless and brutal pursuit of power, the creation of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. Learn about a professional fighting force that today we take for granted but 2000 years ago was unusual. Highly organized, trained and skilled, the Roman Army was an unstoppable force. It was a way of life and it has left its legacy in our language and law, our sports stadiums, and even our money. The Roman Army Museum brings to life what it meant to live in this time of blood and brutality from both in and outside the empire. Careful you don’t get drafted in as an auxillary!


Life As A Roman Soldier

How do fighters stave off boredom? They train... and then they train some more. The Roman Army Museum will challenge you to prove that you have what it takes to be a Roman soldier. Can you handle your weapons? Could you defend the empire? Would you live to tell the tale? Every aspect of a soldier's life was controlled by the army – this was a life of order and discipline. Did you know soldiers were often more afraid of their centurion than of the enemy? Step out of line or fall asleep on duty and you could be beaten or even executed. Show cowardice and your whole unit could be punished – fancy being randomly chosen by lottery and then beaten to death by your fellow men?

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Please note that children under five are admitted free and the child age range is 5 to 18yrs (if still in full time education); For hygiene reasons, animals, excluding guide dogs for the blind, are not allowed at either site.
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Truly interesting place to visit

sunandsand204, York, United Kingdom
Went on a trip when visiting Vindolanda as my daughter was interested. All three children were really hooked on the information from the exhibits. There is a 3D film which is brilliant. An Avatar teaching you Latin in a Roman classroom and stories about Hadrian and armies that came to protect the wall. It is a well designed and interesting museum and you could spend days in there to really see everything. The children thought it was fantastic and so did we - I am looking forward to a return visit.

Lovely little museum

joyardley, Mansfield, United Kingdom
Good information. Interactive and new. We enjoyed a couple of hours here learning about the wall before walking a section of it. The film was good with great aerial views of the wall

Follows on from Vindolanda excavation site - brilliantly paired.

Snixels, Halifax, United Kingdom
We came here after visiting Vindolanda and we so glad we did. This is a fantastic follow up to the live open site. It has displays and artefacts relating to what we had just seem and learned at Vindolanda and we could relate them to the place we had just been which made them come alive. There are video and audio displays too which are well worth stopping and listening to and the highlight is the 3d film of an eagles view of the Roman occupation - absolutely brilliant. It again referenced things and places we had just seen at Vindolanda and contained some superb aerial photography. Left wanting to watch it again! If you visit Vindolanda, you have to come here too. Our only disappointment was that we couldn't see any of Hadrian's wall at the same site but is a super museum, easy access, spacious and well laid out, 100% worth a visit.

Interesting, and very good for those not steeped in Roman Army knowledge.

Denny S, Frankfort, Illinois
Using reconstructions, objects excavated along Hadrian's Wall, a movie, and interactive displays this is an interesting interpretation of army life on the frontier. This is not really a museum, but an attempt to immerse the visitor into the army's daily life - it does a respectable job of accomplishing that goal. Located just up the road (maybe 500 yards) from the Walltown Visitor Center and access to walking the Wall, this is worth the trip.

Well worth it.

Derrick R, Penrith
This was our first visit to the Roman Army Museum at it wasn't here when I used to visit the wall regularly. Being fairly knowledgeable about the Roman army I was interested to see what the museum would show. I was very impressed. The museum isn't large but that just means that the visitor isn't overwhelmed. The exhibits are logical and we'll presented and the details are explained fully without being verbose or boring. There is also an excellent 3D film that gives wonderful background to the military occupation of Hadrians Wall. If I have one criticism it would he that the small theatre for the film needs a sloping floor so that view isn't obstructed by tall people in the front rows. PS there is also a small but very good cafe for tea/coffee and snacks. If you are visiting the wall you need to go, especially if you combine it with a visit to Vindolanda.

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