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Walk the footsteps of the soldiers who fought on the Flodden Battlefield over 500 years ago.

It is hard to conceive today of the carnage that took place there on the 9th September 1513, when surveying the rolling hills just to the north of Branxton. 14,000 men died in an afternoon, at a rate of slaughter that exceeds the first hour of English casualties at the Battle of the Somme in the First World War. A British monarch fell on the battlefield for the last time. It was the last great battle in Northumberland. A generation of men from many areas of the region were all but wiped out. Its importance to the history of the region as well as to the nation simply cannot be underestimated. Fully illustrated boards are now in place to allow the visitor to better visualise the battle as they walk round the site. They describe the chronology of events, and provide some visualisations of what the day may have been like, along with the scale of the battle, and some of the local events leading up it. The Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum is an open museum which links together over 40 sites and other aspects of heritage nationwide which have a connection to the Battle of Flodden, through history, folklore, or legend.  These include the battlefield, castles, bridges, churches, museums, walls, and also traditions such as the border Ride Outs and songs such as the bagpiping tune of Floo'ers O' The Forest.  All the Ecomuseum sites are in the care of their communitites and together tell the wider story of the battle from multiple perspectives in their original contexts.Perhaps the last word should go to an 8 year old visitor who had a great time when she visited the battlefield recently. “I visited the site with my mum and dad today and really, really enjoyed it...I liked the picture boards all the way round. I could imagine the mud and the noise when the battle happened. I like to imagine what ancient things are buried deep in the ground!!!”

Visit www.flodden1513.com to discover the Battle which shaped our nations.

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A right royal day out
Faith, hope & charity
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Nice walk great view

Dford-37, Derby, United Kingdom
Nice evening walk to the memorial. Very sad and reflective. Disabled access is good. Lots of birds everywhere.

Thought provoking

zeusy33, Madison, Wisconsin
If you know the history of flodden field, it is amazing and leaves you with many thoughts and images. It was haunting and a reminder that war is never a good thing.

Quiet with good interpretive panels

Katieclem46, Hamilton, New Zealand
A stone monument on the crest of a small hill marks where the battle of Flodden took place. It is an unassuming spot and the excellent panels make it easy to populate the scene with the opposing forces and follow the course of the battle. Car parking in a small shady area and paths lead up the rise from here. Good place for a picnic.

Evocative Battlefield

Sandra and Alan S, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Driving towards the Battlefield from the A697, we parked at a car park on the left, without realising that there is a second car park 400 metres up the road at the foot of the path up the hill towards the Memorial itself (signage at the first car park is not that clear). Regardless, it was a simple stroll though a field to get to the path and an easy walk up hill to the easily identified Memorial Cross and interpretative boards. The layout of the English and Scots armies during the battle is clearly explained and the ridge that the Scots Army occupied at the start is clearly seen facing the Memorial. Quite an evocative piece of land that is a quiet farmland area now, but easy to imagine the havoc on the day of Battle. Behind the Memorial is the local church , that is said to have housed many of the wounded after the battle. Worth stopping off at if you have an interest in the history of Scotland and the battles with the English. Driving back to the A697, we passed the red telephone box in the village itself, which has been turned into what must be the smallest Visitor Centre in the world!

A very pleasant stroll with historic interest

Westlands, Cambridgeshire
This is a very pleasant country walk with excellent information boards explaining the history for Flodden Field. It is mostly grassed paths which are pretty even under foot and there is a short access path to the monument that is wheel chair accessible.

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Flodden-Battlefield-and-Eco-Museum/vn-medium-Flodden-Battlefield-Memorial.jpg

URL: http://www.flodden1513.com

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