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Berwick's town walls are its most famous piece of architecture and still stand strong today, hundreds of years after they were built. Berwick actually has two sets of walls, the first set (of which only fragments now remain), commenced by Edward I, was two miles long. The later Elizabethan Walls (which are still complete) are a mile and a-quarter in length. The ramparts completely surround the town, with four gates through which entry to the town is enabled.

Berwick's Elizabethan Walls are the only example of bastioned town walls in Britain and one of the best preserved examples in Europe. When built in 1558 - designed to keep out the marauding Scots who regularly laid claim to the town - it was the most expensive undertaking of England's Golden Age.

The walls were built to an Italian design and contained bastions which were designed to allow gunfire covering every part of the wall. Outside the curtain wall and bastions, there were wide water-filled ditches to deter potential invaders.Walking around the town walls takes about 45 minutes and is a great way to discover Berwick's turbulent history  You can also take in stunning views over the town and look out towards the wide sandy beaches of the North Sea and the Tweed estuary with its colony of mute swans.

Many of The Lowry Trail panels are on the Walls - Follow in L.S.Lowry's footsteps as you explore the town.

The ramparts are open all year round - entry is free.

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beautiful walk

Magicrosie, Chichester, United Kingdom
Visit Berwick each year to visit family, this is a beautiful walk with amazing views, well worth a go

Extremely well maintained

Aimee S, Bourne, United Kingdom
This is a pleasant walk around the town with excellent views on walls that extremely well maintained

Walls walk

Ethan E, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
I really like the walks that go near the car park and the beach. The walks lead to near the castle and railway bridge.

love this walk when visiting my home town

lindsay650, Leominster, United Kingdom
beautifully maintained walls around the town with outstanding sea views. Only takes half hour to stroll round and the visitor sees Berwick at its best

Good information on the history whilst taking in the excellent offshore and inland views

Travelexperience12, Leeds, United Kingdom
There are a number of walks that incorporate these walls, and it is possible to walk right around the walled part of the town. The surfaces and paths are in excellent condition and the signage and historical information is good. Some parts of the walks are on the walls and other parts are on high embankments, where good views of the town can be seen. Cannons are stationed at a number of locations, as examples of the protective weaponry provided in the past. There are also paths to/from other areas intersecting with the walls at various points. The walls are a very well kept piece of history.



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