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Search for red squirrels and discover their way of life in a changing world. Join professional naturalist, Bruce Ferguson, to track down one of Britain’s best loved animals, the red squirrel. Much threatened by its American cousin the grey, Kielder is one of its last strongholds in England. We’ll explore its forest home looking for the clues it leaves behind and also hopefully spotting the elusive creature itself.

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Ticketing and entry prices for Red Squirrel Safari

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Age 6+ accompanied by adult. Maximum of four children per adult.

Booking is essential  please contact 01388 529154 or visit :-


Dates & times for Red Squirrel Safari, Kielder

From To
Monday19/08/2019Monday19/08/201910:00 - 11:30

Discover the secret life of the forest - join professional naturalist, Bruce Ferguson and uncover the tracks, trails and signs left behind by its secretive inhabitants from red squirrels and deer to its bird and insect life. Find out how these animals live and interact with their forest environment and the challenges they face in their everyday lives

 at Red Squirrel Safari Wildlife events Event Ticket booking essential
Child / family friendly at Red Squirrel Safari Wildlife events Event Family friendly 2019-08-19T10-002019-08-19T11-30



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