The Heart of Hadrian's Wall
Sunset on Hadrian's Wall

The Heart of Hadrian's Wall

The Heart of Hadrian's Wall

The Heart of Hadrian’s Wall Country is rich in Roman heritage from Vindolanda Fort to Chesters, Housesteads and Birdoswald Forts. Away from Hadrian’s Wall itself, with its military corridor of milecastles, vallum ditch and stone turrets, there is a wealth of history that goes back thousands of years.

Stay in bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages and hotels where local owners can help you discover the area’s secrets. Enjoy the breath-taking, dramatic scenery with walks galore. Delight in the many attractions, such as the Dark Sky ‘astronomy’ events, taking place on your doorstep.

Local, enthusiastic tourist guides, with a fund of knowledge at their fingertips, await to show you the beauty of the landscapes from Brampton Market Town with its Bonnie Prince Charlie connections, Gilsland village steeped in Reiver history to Corbridge with its quirky shops and impressive architecture. Climb up to the long stone at Barcombe Hill which points the way to hidden treasure at Vindolanda.

On or off the Wall, there are plenty of reasons to make your holiday here…discover local churches, like the ones at Chollerford and Lanercost Priory, built with Roman stones; linger at the site of early Christianity at Heavenfield; wander up the Maiden Way to Bewcastle with its splendid Anglo-Saxon Cross and taste the delicacies of local produce at the Farmers’ Markets in Greenhead village and around Hexham Abbey.

At The Sill, at Once Brewed, find out more about our beautiful natural landscape with its Northumbrian birds, animals, plants and geology. Make a trip to the Sill café with its stupendous all-round views. Hop between two counties for amazing cafés, restaurants, pubs and breweries to sample local food and drink.

Try out your detective skills to track down the castles and bastle houses with secluded passage ways and concealed tunnels. Come and see for yourself!

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