Alistair Moffat: To the Island of Tides



In To the Island of Tides, award-winning writer and historian Alistair Moffat travels to and through the history of the fated island of Lindisfarne. Walking from his home in the Scottish Borders, through the historical landscape of southern Scotland and northern England, he finds himself in the shadow of Cuthbert, our greatest native saint, the man on whose bones Durham Cathedral was built, the Bishop of Lindisfarne. Fourteen centuries ago, Cuthbert made the same journey down the Tweed and across the moors of Northumberland and Moffat retraces not only his footsteps but also his spiritual, emotional journey to Holy Island. This is also the story of a secular pilgrimage and a retreat to the place where one of Britain’s greatest works of art, the Lindisfarne Gospels were written and painted. Moffat writes of the richness of the island’s history and tries to understand its genius loci, the power of place and its effect not only on Cuthbert and generations of monks but also on the thousands of visitors who cross the causeway each year To the Island of Tides.

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Wednesday11/09/2019Wednesday11/09/201919:30 - 20:30
11th September 2019 : 7.30pm
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