Late Night Explorer

Kielder Water and Forest Park
NE48 1ER

0191 265 5510

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Based on the popularity of our Late Night Dark Sky events and your feedback we are delighted to introduce additional late night events as we observe the very special night skies above the internationally renowned Kielder Observatory in the heart of the Northumberland Dark Sky Park

We have limited the number of guests to 25 spaces to ensure you enjoy the maximum time at the various telescope and have an intimate observing session with our most experienced astronomers From our observation deck the heavens look astounding with the skies awash with stars and the Milky Way arching overhead, on a night when the moon is visible you will see craters and an eerie landscape as the lunar light creeps into the dark sky park. We'll have our comfy two-seater 'moon chairs' out on the deck with blankets to suggle up under what must be the most inspiring and romantic views of the moon, star fields and clusters anywhere on our planet. Within the observatory itself we will reveal distant objects through our large aperture telescopes including planets, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae all with the expert guidance of our friendly and knowledgable astronomy team. The ticket price for this event reflects the cost of hosting these bespoke events and however the evening goes, we will strive to give you a first class experience at the UK's premier public observatory!

Late Night Explorer takes place at ...
Kielder Observatory, Kielder(Science and Technology)

Ticketing and entry prices for Late Night Explorer

Type Entry for Guide price
(Prices from £40-£43.75)
per ticket

Dates & times for Late Night Explorer, Kielder

From To
Friday26/01/2018Friday26/01/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday27/01/2018Saturday27/01/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday02/02/2018Friday02/02/201823:45 - 23:45
Saturday03/02/2018Saturday03/02/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday09/02/2018Friday09/02/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday10/02/2018Saturday10/02/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday02/03/2018Friday02/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday03/03/2018Saturday03/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday09/03/2018Friday09/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday10/03/2018Saturday10/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday30/03/2018Friday30/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday31/03/2018Saturday31/03/201823:45 - 02:45
Friday06/04/2018Friday06/04/201823:45 - 02:45
Saturday07/04/2018Saturday07/04/201823:45 - 02:45
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