Full Moon Party

Kielder Water and Forest Park
NE48 1ER

0191 265 5510

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The Moon.... Our nearest neighbour in space. Its big, its bright and we know it well. We have even been there; in 1969 we landed men on the moon. WOW! But how well do we really know it? How did it form and how do we know? Well tonight we will aim to challenge ourselves and understand our moon a little more, with our large aperture telescopes we will be able to see surface details, take pictures and see it like never before. Watch as we observe shadows cast through mountain valleys on the lunar surface, tracing shadows across the desolate landscape. As well as this of course there is the rest of the universe, of which we cannot resist telling you all about.

Full Moon Party takes place at ...
Kielder Observatory, Kielder(Science and Technology)

Ticketing and entry prices for Full Moon Party

Type Entry for Guide price
(Tickets priced from £18.15 to £46.75)
per ticket

Ticket prices vary per event and for weekends or late events, concessions available. £18.15 - £46.75.

Various dates and times available, please visit the website for more information, booking is essential:


Dates & times for Full Moon Party, Kielder

From To
Saturday27/01/2018Saturday27/01/201819:45 - 22:45
Friday02/02/2018Friday02/02/201819:45 - 22:45
Friday02/03/2018Friday02/03/201819:45 - 22:45
Saturday03/03/2018Saturday03/03/201819:45 - 22:45
Friday30/03/2018Friday30/03/201819:45 - 22:45
Saturday31/03/2018Saturday31/03/201819:45 - 22:45

Times are approximate only, please visit the website for accurate times, up to date availability and to book: www.kielderobservatory.org

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 at Full Moon Party Star gazing events Event Ticket booking essential
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https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Full-Moon-Party/vn-medium-Full-Moon-Party.jpghttps://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Full-Moon-Party/vn-medium-Full-Moon-Party.jpginfo@kielderobservatory.org 2018-01-27T19-452018-03-31T22-45

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Full-Moon-Party/vn-medium-Full-Moon-Party.jpg

URL: http://www.kielderobservatory.org

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