Pilates & Wellness Weekend at The Alnwick Garden



Practise Pilates with comprehensively trained Pilates teachers at The Alnwick Garden. The weekend consists of two workshops, both including Pilates, relaxation and movement. A nourishing lunch is also provided and then free access to The Alnwick Garden at the end of the session. Saturdays workshop focus is "Healthy Feet" Sundays workshop focus is "Neck & Shoulders" £60 for each or £110 for both.

Dates & times for Pilates & Wellness Weekend at The Alnwick Garden, Alnwick

From To
Saturday07/03/2020Sunday08/03/202009:45 - 13:00
Daily from 09:45 to 13:00.
 at Pilates & Wellness Weekend at The Alnwick Garden Sporting Event Event Ticket booking essential
https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Pilates-Wellness-Weekend-at-The-Alnwick-Garden/vn-medium-2.pnghttps://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Pilates-Wellness-Weekend-at-The-Alnwick-Garden/vn-medium-2.pngwww.floepilates@gmail.com 2020-03-07T09-452020-03-08T13-00

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Pilates-Wellness-Weekend-at-The-Alnwick-Garden/vn-medium-2.png

URL: www.floepilates.co.uk

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