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Please note the ferry is currently unavailable we are sorry for any inconvenience for more information contact 0143425100 

The 60 seat motor cruiser 'The Osprey' ferry is an ideal way to see Kielder Water in comfort as well as providing an opportunity to learn more about the history of the reservoir and the area. Refreshments and toilet available onboard. Sailings call at Kielder Waterside Park, Tower Knowe Visitor Centre and Belvedere (please check timetable for more information). It is also a great way to add to your Lakeside Way experience. The multi user trail encircles Kielder Water stretching for 27 miles. If you don’t want to walk or cycle the entire route, simply use the ferry for your return journey. We have facilities for bikes, wheelchairs and pushchairs on board (but space is limited). Tickets can be purchased at Kielder Waterside Park or Tower Knowe Visitor Centre. Please check with reception at Kielder Waterside Park (01434 251 000) when booking as times and prices may be subject to change. The cruiser can also be hired for private parties, telephone Kielder Waterside Park reception on the above number.


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Kielder Waterside, Kielder(Nature and Wildlife)
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Ticketing and entry prices for The Osprey Ferry

Type Entry for Guide price
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day ticket
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day ticket
(Family 2 + 1)
day ticket
(Family 2+2)
day ticket
(Family 2+3)
day ticket
Part Journeys Leaplish to Tower Knowe £4.60 Tower Knowe to Leaplish £5.60 Belvedere to Leaplish £4.60 Belvedere to Tower Knowe £5.60 Tower Knowe to Belvedere £4.60 Leaplish to Belvedere £5.60 ................ Groups over 20 Adult/over 60's - £5.40 Child - £3.90 *Not full journeys
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Winter Wonderland

Alansioux, England
Stayed in one of the log cabins for 3 nights..can't fault them..they're clean and the hot tub was well maintained..the downside are the so called 'activities' during the day..a lecture on recycling by Mrs Christmas and her friends..a Nativity play that has very little to do with Nativity..the Elves workshop and Santa were crowded but just needs to feel more see kids looking bored and perplexed at some of it..a lovely place but the 'entertainment' during the day needs looking at.

Britain's most beautiful marathon

deepfreezevegan17, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Kielder is an incredibly stunning place to visit throughout the year but it really impresses when the Autumn is in full swing. Taking part in the marathon is a great way to see the entire place and experience something special. Well worth it if you're looking for something like that.

Winter Wonderland

and40eh, Carlisle, United Kingdom
Fantastic day out with our kids got there at 1000 and left about 1730. Our kids are 9 and 7 they really enjoyed the full day, there was plenty to see and do they never got bored. The visit to Santa was great, the kids got a very nice boxed bauble each. They also made little wooden reindeer in the elves workshop, which they take home.The performances where very good with most people joining in. I thought it was quite expensive when I booked, but it was a good value for money day out. Despite what some lacking the Christmas spirit reviewers say, the day is what you make it. I would recommend this to anyone.

Winter Wonderland

We travelled to Kielder on Saturday hoping to blown away by the whole Winter Wonderland and were definitely not!! My children 9, 5 and 9 months enjoyed the snow tubing and that was about it. There was a lot of hanging around between performances and not a great deal to do. The Santa was ok but my children were a bit offended as when the visit came to an end he told all the kids to ‘clear off’. He also didn’t mention my little girls secret at all which she was quite upset about. All they got was a bauble at the end of it, a very expensive price to pay for a couple of little performances and a slide in a rubber ring. I wouldnt recommend it as much better Christmas experiences out there for a lot less money!

43km of cycling heaven

JohnatPales, Penrith, United Kingdom
We tackled the entire circuit on a wild day in late November, starting off from Tower Nowe car park.....deserted, toilets locked ‘for the winter’ (neither of us could hang on until the Spring so went and found a was all slightly down at and display....for what exactly?...we didn’t. Once away the day improved in spite of dricpving wind, heart rain and even sleet. The trees gave a lot of shelter and choosing to go clockwise gave us the best of the lee. Surfaces throughout were good to very good and near civilisation excellent. Climbs were either short, twisty and steep or long and easy to cruise up in a granny gear. The way we went the descents were often long and swooping. Signage is adequate, but occasionally left us scratching our heads. Dark, wet wooden pillars with dark wet carved lettering under a deeply shaded forest on a short winter day on a jiggling bike are not well thought out. We were never lost, but the current 1:25000 OS map does NOT tie to the current route....particularly on the North Side. All signage died out at the rather tasteless Leaplish Water Park (complète with plastic gnomes, fake snow and sad looking reindeer........ Christmas ‘tradition’ from a Disney) and we milled about in the various car parks before seeking advice. Take care where National cycle network route 10 splits as signage here goes want to be off the logging road. Kielder Castle Cafe gave us a warm welcome, good lunch, clean toilets ( apparently they do not hang on in a Kielder...phew) and an excellent bike shop mended my wounded bike for free...what a nice man. North Side is slightly shorter but slightly hillier. On balance we preferred it’s wildness and its openness. Again wonderful climbs and swoops on a variety of good to excellent surfaces. Please do not fall off or have a major mechanical here in poor weather on short days.....there is no help, no will be walking a long time.... The South Side measured at 22km. The North with the bit across the bpdam and back to the car 21km. 790m of ascent all in little bits. Our MTB’s were slightly OTT a road bike would not do well....a gravel bike would be perfect. Lost a stars for ‘we close in Winter- itus’ ,tacky Winter Wonderland and signage. Gained one back for cafe andbike shop.



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