Itineraries for Day and Night
Breathtaking views of Hadrian's Wall

Itineraries for Day and Night

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Sometimes you just need a little guidance when arranging a potentially daunting dark skies trip, a market town tour or a heavy duty hike in Northumberland National Park. We have pieced together a few itineraries that range from day trips to overnight stays, so you can explore independently but leave the planning to us.

Our itineraries could have you hiking along Hadrian’s Wall, getting to know the telescope in an observatory, stargazing from a hot tub or sipping on homemade gin infused with freshly-picked fruits.

Lakeside cycling, hidden waterfalls, castle ruins and cobbled river banks are just a few features of these fantastic itineraries; no matter what your interests are, there is an itinerary to suit. Just click on one of the links below for guidance on your next trip to Northumberland.


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