Five interesting facts you didn’t know about romans’

Wednesday 16/12/2015
Five interesting facts you didn’t know about Romans’

In preparation for the February half term and the popular How to Be a Roman Soldier event at Chesters Roman Fort, staff at English Heritage have compiled their favourite facts about what life was like on Hadrian’s Wall 2000 years ago for Roman Soldiers.

The top five facts reveal a fascinating insight into Roman Life ahead of ‘How to be a Roman Soldier’ at Chesters Roman Fort this half term (13-21 Feb).
Did you know that;

1.    Romans’ came from practically every province in the Roman Empire except Britain
2.    Romans’ were all multilingual and they needed to know Latin. They spoke their native tongue, plus they needed an understanding of the language of the indigenous people who lived on either side of the frontier
3.    Most Romans’, if not all, would have had wives, although they legally weren’t allowed. This  was overlooked by the military high command
4.    Most Roman cavalry troopers would have owned a slave whose job it was to look after the troopers horse
5.    A soldier may not have worn his armour all the time but he would have rarely been without his military belt

Over the February half term (Saturday, 13 February to Sunday, 21 February) visitors will be able to hear more about what Roman life was once like at this idyllic riverside Cavalry – what the Romans’ ate, drank and how they relaxed in the bathhouse after a hard day defending the Roman Empire. Children can dress up as Roman soldiers in miniature armour, learn about the weapons carried by the army and how best to defend themselves from on-coming barbarians. English Heritage staff will also be showcasing some fascinating ancient finds that families can handle as well as hearing about their origin.  

Lynn Rylance, Area Manager for Hadrian’s Wall commented: “Our staff have enjoyed finding out some interesting facts about Roman life. Our How to be a Roman Soldier event is an opportunity to bring history to life by seeing what life was like as a soldier here at Chesters Roman Fort. Dress up like a Roman soldier, handle some of our interesting artefacts, have lunch in our café and just enjoy a lovely day out!”

These fascinating facts were put together by Roman expert and English Heritage’s Assistant Curator for Roman Collections, Graeme Stobbs who is based at Corbridge Roman Town and has 30 years of experience and knowledge of Hadrian’s Wall’s history.

The event runs from Saturday 13 February to Sunday 21 February 11am – 5pm.

For more information visit:

EH members are free; adult £5.80, Child (5-15) £3.40 and £5.20 for concessions.

Published: Wednesday 16/12/2015

By Visit Northumberland

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