OSCiLLATE A ground breaking energetic tap dance experience choreographed by Avalon Rathgeb and Dre Torres that explores human interaction and the effects of miscommunication in Relationships.

Through the use of movement, sound and light we take you on a journey from misunderstanding, confusion, fear and misconceptions to compassion, acceptance, resolution and equality. OSCiLLATE is a great night out, and the perfect way to discover tap dance performance. Enjoy the UK’s best tap performers as they deliver a moving, exhilarating and fulfilling show.

Ticketing and entry prices for OSCiLLATE

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Dates & times for OSCiLLATE, Alnwick

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Friday13/03/2020Friday13/03/202019:30 - 20:30
https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/OSCiLLATE/vn-medium-avalon-dre3.jpghttps://images.visitnorthumberland.com/OSCiLLATE/vn-medium-avalon-dre3.jpgbecky.kelly@alnwickplayhouse.co.uk 2020-03-13T19-302020-03-13T20-30

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/OSCiLLATE/vn-medium-avalon-dre3.jpg

URL: https://www.alnwickplayhouse.co.uk/whats-on/

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