Feast of Fiddles 25th Annual Tour at The Playhouse Alnwick

The Playhouse
Bondgate Without
NE66 1PQ

01665 510785

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Little did the band think it would be setting off on its 25th annual spring tour in 2018 but what started as an idea in a folk club has become a national folk-rock institution. Feast of Fiddles has been variously likened to a “group of geography teachers” or “Bellowhead with bus passes!” but doesn’t seem to be slowing down any. A band of friends that puts on a show of huge dynamic range performed with passion, joy and a liberal dose of fun. Typically, fiddlers Peter Knight (Gigspanner, Steeleye Span), Chris Leslie (Fairport Convention), Brian McNeill (Battlefield Band), Ian Cutler (Bully Wee), Tom Leary (Lindisfarne) and Garry Blakeley (Band of Two) add the large range of fiddle playing styles to the rock back-line of guitars, keyboards, sax and accordion – all held together by legendary drummer Dave Mattacks. Fast forward to 2017 and their sixth album entitled Sleight of Elbow was released, the new album is something of a departure for the band as it features a lot of original compositions from within the band and only a single traditional tune. A live music entertainment like no other on the circuit which is guaranteed to be enjoyed by even the most doubting of friends dragged along! http://www.feastoffiddles.co.uk/ https://youtu.be/FdmKL0JEPwo Photo Credit Jacqueline France

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Dates & times for Feast of Fiddles 25th Annual Tour at The Playhouse Alnwick, Alnwick

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Thursday19/04/2018Thursday19/04/201819:30 - 19:30
https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Feast-of-Fiddles-25th-Annual-Tour-at-The-Playhouse-Alnwick/vn-medium-feast-of-fiddles-2018-credit-jacqueline-france-1-resized.jpghttps://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Feast-of-Fiddles-25th-Annual-Tour-at-The-Playhouse-Alnwick/vn-medium-feast-of-fiddles-2018-credit-jacqueline-france-1-resized.jpginfo@alnwickplayhouse.co.uk 2018-04-19T19-302018-04-19T19-30

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Feast-of-Fiddles-25th-Annual-Tour-at-The-Playhouse-Alnwick/vn-medium-feast-of-fiddles-2018-credit-jacqueline-france-1-resized.jpg

URL: http://www.alnwickplayhouse.co.uk

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