Wizarding Week at Alnwick Castle

Calling all Harry Potter fans and mini-wizards wherever you are! It may almost be the end of the long summer holidays, but Alnwick Castle has a big, magical treat of a week before school starts again.

Back by popular demand, Alnwick Castle has a second wizarding week this summer! Starting Bank Holiday Saturday!

So, hunt out your best robes and join the Castle’s wizarding professors for a whole week of spells and sorcery. Costumed wizards are always especially welcome to join in the fun at Alnwick Castle.

Dare you touch a real-life magical beast? Get up close and personal with quite a variety of creepy creatures in Artisans Courtyard including slithery snakes, terrifying tarantulas and armoured armadillos. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted...
You can meet lookalike characters inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter and watch a special performance where they indulge in all sorts of mischief, merriment and monkey business.

Learn how to master a broomstick with skilled assistance from the Castle’s wizarding professors. Each class is taught the basics of levitation, on the very lawn where Harry had his first flying lesson!

Discover the locations where Harry Potter scenes were shot and hear behind-the-scenes filming secrets with an entertaining costumed guide on the 'Alnwick on Location' tour.

And don’t forget to summon some magic and embark on a wizarding adventure through the grounds of Alnwick Castle with the Wizard Trail. Collect a sheet from Artisans Courtyard and see how much you know!

You can enjoy exciting days of weird and wonderful wizardry all this week at Alnwick Castle. Don’t forget your camera to capture the magic for ever!

And there’s a whole Castle-full of other fun activities and adventures for all the family to enjoy too.

Image Credit - Sean Elliott