Tyneside eBike Company teams up with The Sill: Discovery Centre

The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre has successfully piloted a new eBike tour experience, which it hopes will transform the way visitors interact with the great outdoors next year.

The organisation has been overwhelmed by the public response to the pilot, which saw visitors enjoying guided-ebike tours around the iconic scenery of Hadrian's Wall, using cutting-edge electric biking technology provided by the Tyneside firm, Ride Electric.

Ride Electric has spent the last 12 months bringing the latest phenomenon to areas of natural beauty in the North East and they are passionate about its potential.

Duncan Wise, Tourism and Marketing Manager, Northumberland National Park Authority, said: “The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre is surrounded by beautiful, but hilly scenery and these eBikes have gone down well with visitors. We’re keen to develop new experiences, including a Ranger-led tour around the iconic parts of Hadrian's Wall.

“Ride Electric have been extremely supportive, providing eBikes for our guests here at The Sill, and the feedback has been incredible. People of all ages and abilities have embraced the experience.

“Our vision for The Sill is to become a hub, and working with Ride Electric has helped us deliver a very enjoyable way o for visitors to access our rich heritage.”

Ride Electric has made it its mission to raise awareness of the positive benefits of eBikes through its experience days programme and currently provides a diverse range of bikes to councils and business parks throughout the region.

This recent partnership with The Sill is the latest sign that the e-biking community is poised to grow at a rapid rate and Ride Electric has said it is looking forward to working with The Northumberland National Park Authority again in the coming months.

Ride Electric Director, Craig Goff-Cooper, continues: “We're all life-long cyclists and like our customers, we were hooked after our very first ride.

“We're delighted that our pilot with The Sill has gone so well and we're proud to have opened the door for visitors to experience the ancient Roman Landscape along Hadrian's Wall with zero effort.

“eBikes are a whole new mode of transport and provide great fun as well as being hugely efficient.”

Reacting to her first eBike experience, tourist Jane McGeagh, 51, from Tynemouth, added:

“It was so easy to go a long distance. The hills were simple to ride on and you take in an awful lot of the scenery getting around this way.”

“Our tour guide was extremely interesting and there were many stops so you can take a rest and listen to the local history.

“If you have a day off or are looking for something different to do on a weekend, getting out into the Northumberland countryside in this way is a perfect idea

“It was my first time on an eBike and as a result of today, we'll definitely be looking into buying one. We have mountain bikes that collect dust in the garage but exercising this way is ideal of somebody who isn't particularly active.

“We've got a camper van and we want to take our new eBikes with us on our next family trip. It's changed our attitudes about what biking is all about. If you want to go out for the whole day and last the distance, you can do it with eBikes.”