The Alnwick Garden announces GIANTS attraction that make humans look tiny

Mr and Mrs Giant attraction opens at The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

The Alnwick Garden, recently voted Northumberland’s favourite Large Visitor Attraction of the Year, have revealed their latest “Giants” attraction which it is hoped will generate interest from around the world.

Featuring enormous installations that make humans look tiny, the installations include a ‘winking’ giant, who is taking a bath in the pond, with bubbles popping to the surface as he happily ‘trumps’ in the water! Bringing much merriment to all, but especially the children. The giant installations also include a giant cow pie, featuring two sets of horns that visitors can climb onto, an enormous bra and bloomers on a washing line suspended with giant pegs, swinging between the trees close to the giant lying in the pond, a giant’s tea mug with ‘steam’ pouring out the top, a Poison bottle complete with skull & crossbones and more giant attractions throughout the garden.

The attraction will be fully interactive with a brand new augmented reality app (which is due online at the end of July) that has been developed to work with the giant installations. Completely free and compatible with IOS and Android, visitors will see the giant taking a ‘bath’ in the Grand Cascade, giant squirrels hopping around the Tree house, mice running around the giants boots and lots more. A fantastic photo opportunity, visitors and their children can climb in some of the attractions for some amazing photos and videos where they will look tiny.

The Duchess of Northumberland said, “we are constantly looking to do something really different and we feel that this will bring visitors from both the North East and from around the world. Everything has been built and developed from our designer’s original drawings, so this is a genuinely unique attraction”.

Already featuring the fascinating ‘Poison Garden’, which required permission from the Home Office in 2005 for a license to grow Cannabis and Khat; the new Giants attraction will also include a giant poison bottle featuring a skull and cross bones.

The Giants Attraction will be free with the normal entry fee to The Alnwick Garden.