Seahouses skipper wins National Blogging Award

Andrew Douglas, owner and skipper of Serenity Farne Island boat tours, has won national recognition as one of the top 10 Travel bloggers in the UK.

The Award was given at a prestigious ceremony in London on Friday April 17, attended by over 350 key industry experts.

Andrew said “I could hardly believe it when I was invited to London for the ceremony, but to be counted amongst the top 10 travel bloggers in the whole country was beyond my dreams. I am so lucky to be able to photograph and blog about the amazing things I see every day, doing a job I love in the place I was born.”

The UK Blog Awards were created in 2014, to recognise creative excellence across a variety of 12 UK Industries. The Travel category was the most popular and hotly-contested in this second annual Awards event, which seeks to acknowledge and recognise the true ‘knowledge providers’ within various industry sectors.

“I’m by no means a professional blogger, but I love taking great photographs and writing about the experiences our clients have when they visit the Farne Islands” said Andrew. “I love to see visitors surprised and sometimes overwhelmed by the unique experiences which lie just offshore from Seahouses. I like to think it’s my passion and enthusiasm for my subject, perhaps more than my journalistic skills, which have brought this Award!”