Production company Shiver researching 'Robson Green's Coastal Lives'

Production company Shiver are on the look out for content to feature in their new TV series presented by Northumberland native, Robson Green.

'Robson Green's Coastal Lives' follows on from the very successful 'Tales From The Coast with Robson Green', but this time the new series will be incorporating a property element.

Do you fall into one of the following categories?

1) Current property renovation / building projects

These must be residential properties on the coast, from modern to period, large scale to smaller projects. They would want Robson to visit, meet the owners, possibly stay the night (this could even be in a tent/caravan) and get involved.

2) Stunning / interesting / unusual coastal homes

These would be inhabited residential properties, anything from lighthouses, modern homes, fishermans cottages to a hut on a beach or a boat. No building work taking place just home owners who are passionate about their coastal property and life.

3) Relocation to the coast

Families and retired couples that are moving to the coast to start a new life.

Could this be you? If so, please contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and contact details to be forwarded on to the production company.