Meet the newest team member of The Alnwick Garden iMow

Head Gardener at The Alnwick Garden, Trevor Jones, and the rest of his team are thrilled to welcome their newest team member – robotic mower, the VIKING iMow.

Trevor, Head Gardener at The Alnwick Garden for eight years, was there to watch the iMow being installed at the base of the Garden’s renowned Cherry Orchard, where it will quickly and quietly trim the 500m² lawns that are admired by the Garden’s 350,000 visitors each year.

The Alnwick Garden, a registered charity that runs a myriad of community events throughout the year, has agreed to trial the iMow as they move into the battery-powered garden tool space – a far quieter, hassle-free form of gardening that will save the team both time and effort.

Trevor says, “Robotic mowers are definitely the future. We have a 12 man team here at Alnwick Garden that are kept extremely busy with the fifty acre site, so any extra help is most welcomed. We’re looking forward to seeing how the iMow gets on – it will certainly save us a good couple of hours of mowing each week.”

The VIKING iMow is an innovative robotic mower that has opened up a whole new vista of lawn mowing for time-stretched gardeners. Happily mowing up to one acre of lawn, simple intuitive programming means the iMow can avoid obstacles and master even the most complicated of gardens – including the many native trees and much-loved European plants at Alnwick.

The team at VIKING and local dealership, Gustharts, were happy to install the iMow at The Alnwick Garden so the mower could start preparing the lawns for the busy months ahead including the much anticipated world record attempt event that will see thousands of visitors dressed as witches gather at the gardens on Halloween, Saturday 31st October, attempting to break the record for the most witches in one location. There has already been more than 3,500 tickets sold, well exceeding the world record of 1,600 witches in one place.

The VIKING team were also pleased to offer the gardens some further STIHL cordless products to add to Trevor’s fleet.

The Alnwick Garden is one of England’s most extraordinary contemporary gardens and charities. Visit for more information on the garden’s upcoming events and visit for information on the VIKING iMow.