Laverock Cottages Declares a Climate Emergency

Laverock Law cottages has this week joined a small but growing number of businesses including The Body Shop, Good Energy and Pukka Tea in declaring a climate emergency, with the organisation Business Declares. This is not simply making a statement, but a firm commitment backed up with a plan and resources. Harvest Harris-Jones, Chair of The North Northumberland Tourism Association and co-owner of Laverock Law cottages said that ’As a business we have declared our intention to achieve a net zero carbon status by the year 2025, this will be achieved through a far reaching review of all our business activities and environmental impacts. This will be backed up with time and financial commitment to achieve a full and where necessary radical overhaul of all our business aspects to ensure our 2025 goal of net zero carbon’.

Dave Harris-Jones from Laverock Law said ‘The impact of climate change is already being felt within the region with increased storms and flooding, this week international scientists have reported that the Greenland Ice sheet is melting far faster than predicted which will cause increases in sea level rise that will impact upon the wildlife and scenery of the Northumbrian Coast. We all have a responsibility to take action now to drastically reduce our carbon and environmental footprints and the situation is such that this action has to be rapid and decisive.’

The business is carrying out a thorough carbon footprint assessment of all its activities and has already invested in an electric vehicle and a second charge point for visitor use as well as spending in excess of 25% of this years profits on enhanced insulation and other energy saving measures. Managing carbon emissions isn’t just about energy however and will mean looking at every single purchase made, buying local, buying ethical and even looking at banking and investment.

Northumberland is well placed to become a low carbon county with potentially huge renewable energy resources one of the simplest measures anyone can make is to switch to a genuine genuine renewable energy supplier such as Good Energy or Ecotricity.