Homes by the Sea

Tonight (20th November 2014) Homes by the Sea is coming from the Northumberland Coast!

First port of call is the fishing village of Craster, famous for its kippers. Charlie’s here to visit Craster Tower, an eclectic historic home now owned by Victoria and Henry Cummings. It’s a real architectural jigsaw puzzle that’s evolved over the last 900 years. Part medieval Pele Tower – also known as a poor man’s castle – and part impressive Georgian country house, Charlie peels back the design layers to discover the history behind both the home and the family.

After the grandeur of Craster, Charlie heads south to the holiday resort of Whitley Bay to see a property that on the outside appears much more modest. The seafront semi-detached he’s visiting belongs to Nick On and Nicola Schwartz and while it may look like an average size house on the outside, from the moment you step through the front door this deceptive home reveals its spacious side. As well as open plan living areas to accommodate them and their four children, Nick and Nicola have ensured they’ve some personal space in their own private bedroom suite.

From Whitley Bay Charlie’s heading north again to the small village of Creswell, overlooking the beautiful Druridge Bay. He’s meeting Pat and John McCann, native Geordie’s who’ve retired back to the Northumberland coast after years living in the south east. They’ve built a home that from one angle looks like many of the traditional sandstone farmhouses in the area. But when you walk around to the seaward side, it reveals a modern new-build home designed to exploit its position just metres from the sea.

There’s then chance to take a look inside a 200 year old farmstead near Bamburgh that’s been transformed into a wonderful home, before Charlie heads to a home that’s also a defining Northumberland landmark... Bamburgh Castle has been dominating the coastal skyline for almost a thousand years. Once home to Northumbria’s kings the family who live in this imposing citadel now aren’t of blue blood, just royally lucky to call this castle home. Charlie meets up with Chris Calvert and Maria Grazia and they give him a guided tour of this historic property.

Homes by the Sea - More4 - 9pm