Debut childrens author and illustrator duo to launch brand new book in Hexham, Northumberland.

MP Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of Sarah Gray and Steven Coates’ first published work, Trevor’s Hairy Adventure—a brilliantly illustrated children’s picture book featuring an adventurous tortoise who, in the darkest part of the night, fires up his rocket boots and blasts off on a secret and dangerous mission into the jungle!

Author Sarah Gray—a local Hexham teacher—is to present her brand new children’s book Trevor’s Hairy Adventure at an event organized in conjunction with Cogito Books in Hexham, Northumberland. The ‘Storytelling at Cogito Books’, featuring Gray, will take place in store on Friday 09 August 2013 at 11:00am. The book, aimed at first school readers, will appeal to kids and adults alike, is published by MP Publishing and is available UK wide in both print and eBook.

‘We at MP Publishing are really excited about Trevor’s Hairy Adventure, it’s receiving some great reviews online and we are looking forward to reading about Trevor’s upcoming adventures,’ said Mark Pearce, CEO Managing Director of MP Publishing.

Trevor’s Hairy Adventure by Sarah Gray is a story focussing on Trevor, an old but adventurous tortoise. His computerised shell helps him blast off on special missions in the middle of the night. The bright and colourful illustrations by Steven Coates make Trevor stand out from the crowd—will this special tortoise be able to complete his task while avoiding the sharp claws of a ferocious lion? Join him on his hairy adventure to find out!

Gray wrote the story of Trevor and his hairy adventure whilst on maternity leave which she later shared with her brother. Coates loved the story so much he illustrated the story in secret, it took just nine months to bring Trevor to life. He presented Gray with the finished story on Christmas Day, and now they are sharing this fantastic tale with you.

For more information about Trevor’s Hairy Adventure (print ISBN 978-1-84982-228-2; e-book ISBN 978-1-84982-167-4) or Sarah Gray and Steven Coates please contact Alison Crellin at MP Publishing, Email: [email protected] Twitter: Tel: +44 (0)1624 618672