Crypt Open Days for the Feast of St. Aidan

Saturday 31st August is the feast day of St. Aidan, the gentle inspirational monk who, in 635AD, together with St Oswald brought christainity to northern England. In celebration of his feast day, the Bamburgh Bones team will be hosting two open days of the Crypt of St. Aidan’s, Bamburgh on Thursday 28th and Saturday 31st August, 11.00am - 2.00pm.

The open days will be a chance to visit the beautiful 12th Century crypt below the chancel of St Aidan’s church before the new interpretation and access are installed. The open days also presents the opportunity to learn more about the Heritage Grant funded Bamburgh Bones project and find out about a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Guides will be on hand to explain the amazing Anglo-Saxon heritage of Bamburgh and the lives of the 110 individuals now laid to rest in ossuary boxes in the second crypt, as well as explore some of the colourful characters interred in the main crypt. Entry is free and via an external staircase at the north end of the church.