Covid-19 update at The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden has taken the decision to close from Monday 23rd March at 4pm following the latest guidance from the Government around social distancing.

Media contact Claire Barber PR 07885965749 [email protected]

Over the last few weeks the aim for The Alnwick Garden has been to provide a safe and controlled environment for the visitors to enjoy fresh air in wide open spaces. Although they have implemented strict measures, due to massive demand they no longer feel that they can continue to do so without compromising their visitor’s safety and well-being.

Mark Brassell, Garden Director said: “We are a Garden for the people, so over the coming weeks and months we will do all that we can to keep you connected to what is happening. The largest Taihaku Cherry Blossom orchard the world will continue to be live streamed via our website, and each day we will endeavour to provide images and videos of The Garden as it comes in to bloom via all of our channels.

It has been a tough decision to close The Garden but the safety of our visitors, staff and volunteers are paramount. We have been closely following the government guidance regarding social distancing and until now our visitor numbers have been low enough to comply with that guidance. This is something we can’t now guarantee.

Our focus now is to ensure the participants of our community programmes continue to receive support while The Garden is closed. We are looking at ways to remain in regular contact and adjusting our approach where necessary. We are also exploring ways of taking The Garden to the community such as our Live Blossom Watch facility on the website.

I know it’s a disappointment for many, but we will be back as soon as the crisis has been averted.”

The Alnwick Garden are working to develop a website for their retail outlet The Pinery. Customers will be able to purchase jigsaws, outdoor activities for children and adults, botanical and gardening products online, delivered safely and directly to people’s homes.

Mark Brassell, Garden Director, continued “We hope during this time that you all stay safe and healthy and remember that as a community we are here to offer help to those who need it most. Look after yourselves, your neighbours and loved ones and we look forward to welcoming you back once this is all behind us.”