Children's Beadnell Bay Big Beach Clean Up

An estimated 26 million tons of plastic pollution ends up in the oceans each year where it chokes, entangles and poisons marine life. Litter levels fluctuate year on year and for the last decade have risen by over 15%. There’s more litter in our seas than there has ever been.

Beadnell Bay, a sandy beach stretching 2 miles (3.2 km) to the south, contains a nationally important colony of little tern and the largest mainland colony of Arctic tern in the United Kingdom. Beadnell Towers and the community would like to help keep it clean and support the wildlife in the area.

Beadnell Towers have been offering an incentive for Children to help keep Beadnell Bay Clean. From 1st - 31st October Monday-Friday all rubbish handed in to the Staff at Beadnell Towers each child will be rewarded with a hot chocolate and biscuit. The incentive was initiated by the proprietors who want to help keep Beadnell as unspoilt as possible.

Many children have joined the month long clean up initiative. Alfie Joisce (aged 9) along with his brother, Frankie (aged 5) said "I really enjoyed helping collect all the rubbish on the beach, it's important"

Martha Wilson found 100 pieces of rubbish which she took along to Beadnell Towers to be recycled, as well as Primrose Gent who collected 80 pieces. The girls said "We loved being on the beach and helping clear up, it was actually fun!"