Britain at Low Tide

Every day, on a sandy beach or rocky foreshore, fascinating evidence of our island history appears and disappears as the tide rolls in and rolls back out again.

In this brand new series, palaeontologist Dr Tori Herridge and archaeologist Dr Alex Langlands explore the intertidal archaeology of Britain, the archaeological remains that are visible when the tide goes out. The British coastline is rich in such archaeology; it has remains from all ages - neolithic footprints to Anglo-Saxon fish traps to World War Two shipwrecks.

In episode one, they visit Northumberland.

They tell the story behind a heartbreaking wreck, the Tadorne, in which five French fishermen died, and the heartwarming story of how locals in France and Northumberland bond to this day because of how the survivors and the dead were treated.

They get to the bottom of a mystery line of rocks sticking out into the sea at Beadnell and see how the resilience and adaptability of the locals have kept the village going across hundreds of years.

Finally, they find a rather unusual swimming pool in a disused quarryon the very edge of the coast.

At the moment,all this archaeology is available to anyone who cares to go looking for it, but time is short for the archaeologists who want to record it. Rising sea levels and coastal erosion mean it won't be very long before it's all swept away.

Britain at Low Tide captures a vanishing future for us all to see.

The three-part series begins at 8pm Channel 4 on Saturday 19th November.