- A weekend of Roman riders at Chesters Roman Fort-

The most intelligent and well paid soldiers with the most beautiful grey horses from northern Spain - Chesters Roman Fort was home to 500 horses and prestigious soldiers from the Roman Army and over the weekend of 17 and 18 August visitors can experience mounted cavalry and gain an insight into the late Roman period, the time of the myth of King Arthur.

Feel the pounding of the horses underfoot, wonder at the ability and agility of the horses, five riders will display some of the techniques and elaborate manoeuvres this elite cavalry would be involved in.

Comments Jon Hogan, Events Manager English Heritage;

“An event with horses is always an exciting and thrilling one. Visitors can really sense the speed and precision with which these warriors performed and we are welcoming them to Chesters to step back in time and learn more about this fascinating period.”

“The all-mounted ‘alae’, like the one based here at Chesters, contained the elite cavalry of the Roman Army, they were best-suited for large-scale operations and battle and were heavily protected, with chain-mail or body armour. Their weapons included spears, swords, javelins, bows and arrows and also the kontos - a very large double ended spear, all of which can be seen at the event next week..”

There will also be hands on activities fun with children’s Archaeology Detectives, based at the site throughout the weekend.



£6.50/ £5.50/ £4.50

£1 extra admission per child for the Time Travellers Go…activities.

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