The Glendale Gatherer

Wooler Youth Hostel
30 Cheviot Street
NE71 6LW

01434 605555

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The Wooler Cycle Hub, in association with Northumberland National Park Authority, present The Glendale Gatherer The Glendale Gatherer comprises of two cycle routes, one gently undulating with a few short climbs and is 3.3 miles long on quiet roads. Suitable for young children who have mastered cycling but are not ready for longer rides. The longer 9-mile route is mainly on flat roads on the Millfield Plain but with a few ups and downs. So-called caches (actually Tupperware boxes) will be hidden at locations along the routes. These will contain trinkets, interesting information about the surroundings and relevant quiz questions. Importantly each cache will give clues to how you find the next hidden cache and a diary for you to sign. When you register before your family starts the Glendale Gatherer you will be given a map showing the locations of the caches – but not sufficiently precise to pinpoint them, just to get you into the vicinity. You will also be given directions on how to get from one cache to the next. And if you are very sophisticated and have a GPS or a smartphone which has mapping software you will be sent a GPX file or given a weblink where you can download it. We don’t want you to go astray which is why we’re giving you belt, braces and extra braces to help you navigate. You can register and start any time between 10:00 and 13:00, but you must finish at the Youth Hostel before 17:00. When you finish you will be given the answers to the quiz questions and there will be small prizes. A car equipped with a bike carrier will patrol the routes to help anyone who is having difficulties. Please bring your own bike.

Ticketing and entry prices for The Glendale Gatherer

Type Entry for Guide price
(Glendale Gatherer)
per ticket
(Glendale Gatherer)
per ticket
(Glendale Gatherer)
day ticket

£5 for children up to the age of 16 years, £10 for adults Family ticket £20.00 - 2 children and 2 adults

Dates & times for The Glendale Gatherer, Wooler

From To
Sunday10/06/2018Sunday10/06/201810:00 - 17:00
10/06/2018 10am - 1.00pm
 at The Glendale Gatherer Family event Event Ticket booking essential
Dogs / pets allowed at The Glendale Gatherer Family event Event Pet friendly 2018-06-10T10-002018-06-10T17-00



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