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If you could make a flag to represent your family name what would it look like? Which colours would you use and what does your name represent? Be inspired by the Armstrong flag that can often be seen flying high above The Keep.

This weekend Pippa Willitts is with us with a range of materials for you to have a go at designing and making your own flag. The activity is included in your admission price so don’t miss this when you visit.

Ticketing and entry prices for Flag Making

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Dates & times for Flag Making, Bamburgh

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Saturday06/06/2020Sunday07/06/202011:00 - 16:00
https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Flag-Making/vn-medium-bamburgh-castle-flag-22-03-2017-002-002-.jpghttps://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Flag-Making/vn-medium-bamburgh-castle-flag-22-03-2017-002-002-.jpgadministrator@bamburghcastle.com 2020-06-06T11-002020-06-07T16-00

Photo: https://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Flag-Making/vn-medium-bamburgh-castle-flag-22-03-2017-002-002-.jpg

URL: www.bamburghcastle.com

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