Accommodation Quality Charter
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Accommodation Quality Charter

Northumberland’s Accommodation Quality Charter

When you purchase advertising for your accommodation on and related websites; in our print publications; within Northumberland County Council’s Tourist Information Centres; and in our tourism marketing campaigns, we ask that you agree to the 11 point charter below.

1. Working with Northumberland Tourism. To work positively and proactively with
Northumberland Tourism’s team and representatives; to ensure the positive promotion of
Northumberland to our visitors.

2. Welcome. To provide a warm welcome to all visitors, demonstrating our ‘Independent Spirit’

3. Customer satisfaction. To have a complaints policy that can be implemented speedily and effectively; to ensure that any issues that may arise are resolved by prompt, professional and polite action.

4. Quality and Standards. To maintain good standards of service and cleanliness.

5. Accuracy. To ensure all information provided for visitors is up to date, accurate, provided at the right time and by appropriate methods.

6. Information. To ensure all information is readily available to visitors, especially with regard to pricing (including extras), taxes and payment, and packaged items.

7. Accessibility. To maintain an Accessibility Statement that is regularly reviewed and amended to take account of the needs of visitors with disabilities; to fully assist visitors with specific needs, in order to maximize enjoyment of their visit; to ensure facilities and services are reasonably accessible to visitors with disabilities.

8. Legal Requirements. To fulfill all legal obligations and responsibilities (fire precautions, display orders, food safety/hygiene, licensing, health and safety, discrimination, trade descriptions, data protection, Hotel Proprietors Act etc.), and maintain adequate insurance cover.

9. Discrimination. To provide a welcoming and caring service to visitors that does not
discriminate e.g. by gender, race, religion.

10. Cancellations. To maintain a Cancellations Policy that is readily available for visitors at each stage of their visit – from pre booking through to after departure.

11. Sustainability. To manage your business in a way that supports the natural environment; to minimise carbon footprint; to actively source/use local produce where reasonable.

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