Christmas Aurora Night

Kielder Water and Forest Park
NE48 1ER

0191 265 5510

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What better way to start off the festivities than with a night learning all about the Aurora Borealis, these natural light shows from the polar north can grace the sky, producing a stellar light show like no other... 'The Northern Lights' So what are they?  How do we see them? They have influenced fairy tales and folklore for millennia, shaped communities and religious beliefs, provided civilisations with incredible stories of gallant valour and past spirits. At Kielder Observatory we aim to integrate the spiritual stories surrounding the aurora and the fascinating science facts behind it. Tonight, we will explore how science has studied and discovered the processes that create the beautiful dancing Northern Lights.  Learn about the incredible energy that the sun releases second by second and how this energy interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere to give us a light show like no other. The Northern Lights have been observed from the Kielder Observatory many times, the above photograph was taken by our director Gary at Kielder Observatory during a memorable aurora display! Tonight, you will learn not only the science behind the aurora but also how to find them and the best locations in the UK. This means when your event is over you will be proficient in knowing when and where to look for these legendary dancing lights. During the event you will enjoy a tour of the Observatory, see the telescopes and meet our team of passionate astronomers. The team will be on hand to answer all your questions and to help you use our telescopes to observe a range of objects including, craters on the moon, distant galaxies, nebulae and star clusters depending on observing conditions and the lunar calendar. You can also join us on our observation deck and gaze at the glittering stars of the Milky Way all from one of Europe's darkest locations.

Christmas Aurora Night takes place at ...
Kielder Observatory, Kielder(Science and Technology)

Ticketing and entry prices for Christmas Aurora Night

Type Entry for Guide price
(Tickets priced from £22.00 to £26.95)
per ticket

Ticket prices vary per event and for weekends or late events, concessions available. £22.00 - £26.95.

Various dates and times available, please visit the website for more information, booking is essential:

Dates & times for Christmas Aurora Night, Kielder

From To
Friday22/12/2017Friday22/12/201719:45 - 22:45
Saturday23/12/2017Saturday23/12/201719:45 - 22:45

Times are approximate only, please visit the website for accurate times, up to date availability and to book:

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