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The Abbey is one of the earliest surviving Christian foundations in Britain and the thriving parish church of the town.

Originally a Benedictine Abbey, then an Augustinian Priory and the Parish Church of Hexham, it was founded in AD 674 by St Wilfrid. Later, St Cuthbert became Bishop of Hexham. 

Our new visitor exhibition, which opened in autumn 2014 following a major restoration of our medieval former monastery buildings, offers a hands-on experience charting the history of the Abbey and the town. With many fascinating exhibits and hands-on experiences, it is suitable for all ages.

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We also have a wonderful gift shop; a cornucopia of delights catering for locals, tourists and pilgrims alike. We stock a wide range of high quality gifts at a variety of prices to suit any pocket and our range includes quality gifts and famous brands, books and souvenirs, locally produced crafts and produce, and a selection of local gifts.

Within the Abbey church, the crypt is over 1,300 years old. Lost underground for hundreds of years, this tiny underground chapel was designed as a place of pilgrimage and cared for by the first monks who established a Benedictine community here. Fugitives as well as pilgrims were welcomed by the monks.

In the beautiful medieval Choir you will find the Frith Stool - the chair of peace - a Saxon sanctuary seat, decorated with beautiful Celtic patterns. The monastic community has left us other treasures - the atmospheric 'Night Stair', the only one of its kind in the country, with its gently worn stone steps, and the misericords, decorated with carved images from medieval myths and legends, used for daily worship. Indeed, some people say that the peace and calm of the Abbey's unique atmosphere reflects all the prayers that have been offered here for over 1,000 years.

A worshipping community is still at the heart of Hexham Abbey and we too are leaving our mark. Like the monks before us, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors.


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Absolutely Fantastic

Mrs Carol M, Wales, United Kingdom
Not knowing anything about this Abbey we walked in and were amazed at the beauty. Built in 674-8 as a Benedictine monastery, was refounded as an Augustinian priory in 1113 and since the Dissolution of monasteries in 1537 , it has been the parish church of Hexham. I couldn't stop looking up, the stonework, the windows, the paintings, the carvings,-amazing. We didn't have time for a tour but a very friendly, knowledgeable gentleman told us the history and showed us the crypt from the original building. I could go on and on but do look Hexham Abbey up. The other point is this abbey felt like a home of worship unlike most cathedrals etc these days that only seem to be tourist attractions.


scottishfisherlass, St Monans, United Kingdom
This building is bigger than it appears from the outside. It is well worth a visit - a serene place to take refuge from the busy town centre. The museum is well presented with interactive displays - many suitable for children.


gilllowe53, Haltwhistle, United Kingdom
I live near the Abbey and often call in when in Hexham. I am not a religious person but find the Abbey very calming and a peaceful place. The old inscriptions are fascinating and well worth a visit.

BIG is not necessarily better

simon m, Manchester, United Kingdom
The day before visiting Hexham Abbey we went to Durham Cathedral which is at least twice the size of Hexham A. Whilst Durham Cathedral is very impressive we felt as its so huge that we couldn't see the wood for the trees, you will see what I mean when you go. Whilst Hexham Abbey covers a large area although somehow its more impressive, personnel & we felt we got more connected & far more enjoyable out from our experience of visiting there. Some of HA greatest hits are: Hexham Abbey is 1300 years of Monks, gore & a whole lot more many have gone though unimaginable, inconceivable pain hardship by our modern way. To discover what depths of hardship was the norm look at TA Hexham Jail after you have finished reading this article. The Abbey is steeped in jaw dropping physical & spiritual history reaching as far back to its foundations by St Wilfred in 674 ad. For me this is my number one most fascinating point of interest. A. The Anglo-Saxon Crypt. 1300 years old Crypt has a certain presents & is quite spooky to say the least. The faint hearted need not bother going in. B. The Dance of Death. The Abbey has an incredible & unique collection of panel painting which will knock your socks off. Quite extraordinary!! C. The Frith Stool. This 7th century Bishops Throne may well have been made for St Wilfred himself. D. The Night Stair. The well-worn night stair was trodden by the cannons on their way to worship from there sleeping quarters from the 1300 century. If you go up the stairs, you are literally stepping on unbelievable history. E. The Acca's Cross. Traditionally held to be the headstone marking Bishop Acca's grave, this 8th century stone is carved with Christian motifs & is typical of the Northumbrian school of stonework. F. The Flavinus Stone. At around 2000 years old this enormous stone is a memorial to a Roman standard bearer from the troop of Candidus. The above is just the tip of the most fascinating trip down a Abbeys road ( if you pardon the pun.) Prepare to be awe stuck. I could rabbit on & on but I'm sure you get the gist. Best go to Durham C first, then you will enjoy H.A better or at least in my book. Defiantly gets my vote of approval.

Fascinating - well worth a visit

Bob M, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A fascinating church with an excellent exhibition and refectory. A lot of effort has been spent on the interpretation of the Abbey's history which is presented effectively with information boards, models and interactive features. Well-worth a visit.

Photo: http://images.visitnorthumberland.com/Hexham-Abbey/vn-medium-Arial-View-of-Hexham-Abbey.jpg

URL: http://www.hexhamabbey.org.uk

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